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Over 10,000 photographs are organized into groups according to centers of activity at various periods of Hemingway's life. This means that certain years are included in more than one group. It also means that photographs of Hemingway in New York are to be found in the section titled "Cuba Years, 1939-1960," because Hemingway traveled to New York when he was living at the Finca Vigia in Cuba.

To view a small selection of images from the collection, please visit the Ernest Hemingway Photograph Gallery .
The photographs are placed in folders, which are labeled to indicate where the photograph was taken, the people in it, the date of the photograph, and the activity pictured. Each photograph is given an item identification number, which is noted on its verso. This number is used to locate the copy negative from which additional prints may be made. Both the identification number and the description are necessary to locate and retrieve items from the collection.  Copyright information, when known, is given on the back of each reference print.
At the end of the description of the first 19 boxes is a description of color transparencies and oversize prints. This section appears in list form rather than card form.

Clarence E. Hemingway's Photographs, 1888-1903 Europe, 1948-1959
Early Years, 1899-1921 Cuba Years, 1939-1960
Paris Years, 1922-1930 Spain, 1953-1960
Wars, 1917-1945 Spain: Death in the Afternoon
Key West Years, 1928-1939 Spain: The Dangerous Summer
Wyoming, 1928-1937 Miscellany
Idaho, 1939-1961 Oversized Photographs
Africa, 1933/4, 1953/4 Color Transparencies, 1953-1960

Clarence E. Hemingway's Photographs, 1888-1903 .
Arranged by subject.
Photographs (glass plates) taken by EH's father, portraying his travels, friends, and associates, the vicinity of Oak Park, Illinois, and elsewhere.

Box 1
C. E. H's friends, 1888-1891
Oberlin College
Great Smoky Mountains, 1891
Oak Park, city views
Country views
Walloon Lake, Henry Bacon's barn raising, 1903
Microscope photos

Early Years, 1899-1921.
EH, members of his family, their friends, activities and other subjects. Includes photos of locales associated with Hemingway's youth. Arranged by subject first, and chronologically therein.

Box 1
EH, portrait photos, 1899-1904
Oak Park
CEH family, 1901-1919
EH and sisters, c.1900-1906
EH and Marcelline,1916
EH and Leicester, 1919-1921
EH with friends
Hemingway house, Kenilworth Avenue
Walloon Lake
CEH family, 1899-1906 (2 folders)
EH, hunting, c.1913
EH with sisters and friends, c.1915
EH, fishing, 1916
EH, 1919
Windemere Cottage, 1919
Grace Cottage, 1919
Horton Bay, Dilworths,1918
Upper peninsula views

Box 1a
Fishing trips, 1915,1916 (2 folders)
Canoe trip, Des Plaines River
Camping trip with schoolfriends
EH with Bill Smith and Charles Hopkins, 1919
EH with Hadley, courtship, c.1921
Marriage to Hadley Richardson, 9/3/21
Hall and Hancock ancestors

Box 2
Anson T. Hemingway and family
Clarence E. Hemingway,1899-1924
Grace Hall Hemingway
Clarence E. and Grace Hall Hemingway, 1930s
Marcelline Hemingway
Ursula Hemingway
Madelaine "Sunny" Hemingway
Leicester Hemingway
Leicester Hemingway's Caribbean voyage, 11/34 (2 folders)
Sporting events, 1915
EH's classmates, Oak Park
EH's friends
Oak Park, unidentified people
Unidentified people

Paris Years, 1922-1930.
Photos of EH, his wives Hadley and Pauline, children and friends. The photos document Hemingway's activities-particularly his trips-in Europe. Arranged chronologically first, then by subject.

Box 2
Black Forest, Germany, EH and Hadley, 8/22
Chamby, Switzerland, EH and Hadley, 1922
Ronda, Spain, EH, Bill Bird, Bob McAlmon,1923
Madrid, corrida, EH, others, 1923
EH with Hadley and Bumby,1924
Hadley, Bumby, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas,1924
EH, Hadley and others, c.1925
"The Amateurs," 1925
Corridas (2 folders)
Schruns, Austria
EH, Hadley, Pauline Pfeiffer, others, 1925/6
EH, Hadley, Bumby, others, 1926
Pamplona, EH, Hadley, Pauline, Murphys,1926
Gstaad, Switzerland, EH, Pauline, others, 1927
San Sebastian, EH, Pauline, Waldo Peirce,1927
EH, with Sidney Franklin, 1929
EH, Sidney Franklin, and others, picnic
Corridas, EH and Pauline
EH and Hadley

Box 3
EH and Pauline
City and country views
Sporting events, Italy and France
Maine, photos by Waldo Peirce
Quebec, photos by Waldo Peirce

Wars, 1917- 1945.
Photos of EH and others, and scenes of various countries visited by Hemingway during various wars. Arranged chronologically by war, and then by subject.

Box 3
World War I
Italy, EH & others
A. R. C. ambulances
Italian Front (4 folders)
Spanish Civil War
S. S. Paris, EH with Sidney Franklin, 1937
EH in Spain (2 folders)
Martha Gellhorn
EH with Martha
Scenes (4 folders)
Sino-Japanese War
S. S. Matsonia, EH, Martha, others, 1941
EH, Martha in Hawaii, 1941
EH, Martha in China

Box 4
World War II
EH in France, 1944
EH with Patrick
Mary Welsh
EH, Mary in France
Scenes in France, 1944
Liberation of Paris-souvenir photos

Key West Years, 1928-1939.
Photos of EH, his family and their friends, and their activities-primarily deep sea fishing-while residing in Key West. Also includes photos of Hemingway and others in other areas. Arranged by locale first, and then by subject. Dates are noted when possible.

Box 4
Key West
EH, Waldo Peirce, others, fishing, 1928 (2 folders)
EH & Pauline
EH's sons
EH with parents
EH with unidentified
EH's house
Hurricane aftermath, 9/35
Anita , EH and others, with catch, 1933
Pilar , in berth, 1936
Dry Marquesas, hunting, 1929
Piggott, Arkansas, EH's Sons
Havana Harbor
Anita , EH, others, 1932, 1933 (2 folders)
EH, Sidney Franklin, others, 7134
EH, others with silver marlin, 1934
EH, others with blue marlin, 1934
EH, others with marlin, 1934
EH, others with striped marlin, 1939 (2 folders)
EH, others with black marlin
EH, others with blue marlin
EH's associates with various fish
Cojimar, Cuba
EH, others
Market fishermen, 1934
Native fishing boats & crews, 1933,1934
Coastline views

Box 5
EH, Pauline, others
Pauline, children, arrival via seaplane, 4/35
Pauline, 1935
Pauline, others
EH, boxing 1935
EH, others, aboard Pilar & ashore
EH, Pauline, others with shark, 6/35
EH, Pauline, sons & others with marlin, 1935
EH, others with marlin, 1935 (4 folders)
EH, sons with tuna, 1935
EH, others with various tunas
Cat Cay, EH, others with marlin, 1935 (2 folders)
Pilar and crew, 1935
Native fishermen
Native celebrations
Views, 1936, 1932
Dos Passos, 1932
EH, Pauline, others, 1933
Bumby, others with fish, c. 1932
Bumby, others
EH, others, fishing
Anita/Pilar, aground
EH, Pauline, others, 1/36, 6/36
EH, Bumby, others
EH, Bumby, others with tommy gun, 1935
Pauline, 1934 Pauline, others

Box 6
Bumby, others
EH, others chasing whales, 1934 (2 folders)
EH, others, fishing, 1934 (2 folders)
EH, others with sailfish, 1934
Carlos & crew, c. 1934
School of porpoises
Other boats off Bimini
EH, portrait photos
Dos Passos
Photo story on baiting hooks
Photos sent to EH

Wyoming, 1928-1937.
Photos of EH, his family, and their activities during vacation trips to this state. Arranged by subject.

Box 6
EH & Pauline, fishing, Oct-Nov 1928
Nordquist's Ranch, hunting, 1932 & undated (2 folders)

Idaho, 1939-1961.
Photos of EH, his wives Martha and Mary, his sons and friends, and their activities during vacations spent at Sun Valley and elsewhere, and while residing in Ketchum. Arranged chronologically first, and then by subject.

Box 6
Sun Valley
EH, Martha Gellhorn, others, 1939
EH & Martha, 1940
Martha, 1940
EH, Martha & EH's sons, 1940
EH, friends, 1940
Pahsimeroi Valley, antelope hunt, 9/26/40
EH, Martha, sons, pheasant hunting, 10/40
EH, Gary Cooper, duck hunting at Silver Creek, 10/16/40
EH, Martha hunting at Middle Fork, Salmon River, c. 10/40
EH, hunting with Robert Capa for LIFE Magazine, 1940
Gary Cooper, 1940
EH with mule deer hunters, 1940
EH's sons, c. 1941
Richardson's Ranch, EH with Gregory, 1941

Box 7
Pahsimeroi Valley, antelope hunt, 9/26/41
EH, Gregory, duck hunting, 10/41
EH, Martha, Patrick, Gregory, duck hunting, 10/41
Free's Farm, rabbit pest drive, 11/41
Stutter's Farm, ridge duck hunting, 1941
EH, Patrick, c. 1946
Free's Farm, EH, others, pheasant hunting, 1947
EH, Mary, others, hunting, c. 1946-1958 (3 folders)
EH, others, hunting, 1959, 1960
EH, others, picnic, 1959
Silver Creek, magpie shooting
Purdy's Ranch, duck hunting, 1960
Trail Creek Cabin
Various parties, 1939-1941
Cooper's get-acquainted party, 1940
Party for Nin Van Guilder, 1940
Pre-wedding party for EH & Martha, 11/14/40
Parties, 1946. 2 folders
New Year's Eve party, 1947/8
Heiss house, EH, Bron Zielinski, 1958
Ketchum, EH's home
EH with Gary Cooper
EH with Jane Russell
EH and friends
EH's associates
Dietrich, Idaho, EH, Mary at post office
Sun Valley & vicinity, views
Sun Valley, Beatie's Cabin, 1959

Africa, 1933/4,1953/4 .
Photos of EH and his wives Pauline and Mary on safari. Arranged by subject.

Box 8
EH, Pauline on safari, 1933/4
Enroute to Africa, 1953
EH, Mary on safari
Thiessen's contact sheets
Mary's contact sheets
EH with Patrick
EH, Mary with game (2 folders)
EH, Mary in camp (2 folders)
EH, Mary with natives (2 folders)
Plane crash (wreckage)

Europe, 1948-1959.
Photos of EH, Mary Hemingway, and their friends during Hemingway's trips to and through Europe. Arranged chronologically first, then by subject.

Box 8
S. S. Jagiello
EH, Mary, others, Genoa, 9/48
EH, Mary, others, enroute to Cuba, 4/49-5/49
S. S. Ile de France
EH, Mary, others, enroute to France 11/49
EH, Mary, others, enroute to U. S. A., 3/50
S. S. Flandre , EH, Mary, others, enroute to France, 6/53
S. S. Africa , EH, Mary, others, enroute to Italy, 3/54
S. S. Francesco Morosini , EH, others, Curagao, 1954
S. S. Ile de France
EH, others, enroute to France, 1956
EH, Mary, others, enroute to U. S. A., 6/57
S. S. Constitution , EH, Mary, others, Algeciras, 1959
S. S. Liberte , EH, Mary, others, enroute to U. S. A., 1959
Gritti Palace, EH, others, 10/48
EH & Mary, 1949, 1950
Harry's Bar, EH, others, 1949
Adriana Ivancich

Box 9
City views
Snowstorm scenes, 1/28/50
Torcello, Italy
EH, Mary, others, 11/48
EH, others, hunting
EH poses for a bust, 12/48
EH-photo story by Interfoto, 1948
Views of island and lagoon
Latisana, Italy, Franchetti's Preserve, EH, others, hunting, 12/48
Cortina, Italy
EH, Mary, others (2 folders)
Stresa, EH
Milan, EH, others
Italy/France, EH, Mary, others, auto trips (3 folders)
Photos sent to EH

Cuba Years, 1939-1960.
Photos of EH, his wives Martha and Mary, his sons, friends and others at Hemingway's finca in Cuba and elsewhere. Also documented are EH's activities, especially deep sea fishing with his family and friends. Arranged by subject and therein chronologically.
Box 9
Finca Vigia
EH, Martha, sons
EH's sons
EH, 1940-1945 (2 folders)
EH with his cats

Box 10
EH & Mary (color), 1946
EH & Mary
EH, Mary, & sons
EH, Mary, with EH's sisters & children
EH, Mary with Leonard Lyons, 1952
Wedding, Jensen-Houck, 4/30/52
EH, Mary, Spencer Tracy & others, 1953
Nobel Prize celebration, 1954
LOOK photo story, EH, Mary, others, 1956
EH, Mary, with Kid Tunero
EH, Mary, others
Dinners, EH, Mary, others
EH is awarded a medal
EH with Buck Lanham
EH with U. S. military personnel, 1946-1959
EH with Basque pelota players
EH, others, hunting
EH, others
EH with Black Dog
Various guests (2 folders)
Margaux Hemingway
Native children
Cats (3 folders)
Cats (notes by EH)

Box 11
Interior views
Exterior views (2 folders)
EH, sons, others, fishing, c. 1940
EH & Mary
EH (color), 5/46, c. 9/51 (2 folders)
EH's birthday, 7/21/51?
Gianfranco Ivancich
Taylor Williams
EH, Bruces, others, fishing
EH, others, fishing
EH, others
Fighting fish
Views of the sea
Havana Harbor
Pilar , EH, others with marlin, c. 1948
Pilar , EH, others
Pilar at anchor (color), 1946
"The Tin Kid," Mary, others, c. 1947
Havana, EH awards fishing trophies
Pilar , EH, Mary, others
EH, others, picnic
Pilar at anchor, views
"The Tin Kid," Mary
Club de Cazadores
EH, Martha, sons, others
EH, others
Mary, others
EH, Martha aboard Leicester's sailboat, 1939
Puerto Rico, Martha, 8/1/42
Martha, portrait photos
Pauline, Patrick and Gregory
San Francisco, Mary, Pauline, 1947
EH, Patrick, Gregory,, unidentified plane terminal

Box 12
New York City
EH, Martha, others
Stork Club
EH, Martha, others
EH & Mary
EH, others
Filming "The Old Man and the Sea"
EH, Mary, others, c. 1955
Cabo Blanco, Peru, EH, others, filming marlin, 4/56 (2 folders)
Spencer Tracy, stills
EH portrait photos
EH, visits the Ringling Bros. Circus, 1952, 1953
La Florida, EH, Mary, others
EH, Mary, miscellaneous clubs
EH, Mary with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
EH, others, hunting
Mary (2 folders)
EH with natives, net fishing, c. 1950's
EH with natives
EH with unidentified people
EH's sons
Adriana Ivancich
Cojimar, Cuba, fishermen, 1953
Native festivals
Native fishermen, netcasting
Havana Harbor, views
Cuba, views
Photos sent to EH

Spain, 1953-1960.
Photos of EH, Mary and friends during trips to Spain. Included are photos of various corridas attended by Hemingway and his associates. Arranged chronologically first and then by subject.

Box 13
San Idelfonso, EH, Mary, others, 1953
Escorial, Tienta, EH, Ava Gardner, Dominguin, 1954
Robert Jordan's Bridge, EH, Mary, others, 1954
Logrono, corrida, EH, Mary, 9/21/56
Calatayud, EH, Mary, others, 10/56
Zaragoza, corrida, Ordonez, 10/56
Corrida, EH, Mary, 1956
MH's contacts, 1959
Aranjuez, corrida, EH, Mary, others, 1959
Bayona, corrida, EH, others, 1959
Bilbao, corridas, EH, Davis, others, 1959, 1960
Pamplona, EH, 7/59
Ronda, corrida, c. 1959
Valencia, corrida, EH, Mary, others, 1959 (2 folders)
EH, Mary, others (11 folders)
Bullfighters & bulls (MH's photos) (2 folders)
EH with Ordonez, 1959
EH, others, accident, Aranjuez, 1959
EH, Mary, others
Buck Lanham

Box 14
Touring Spain, Views (3 folders)
Santa Pola, EH, Davis, others, 1959
Malaga, views
Madrid, radio interviews, 5/23/59
La Consula
EH, others
EH, Ordonez, 1959
EH, Mary, others, 1959 (2 folders)
Swimming pool, EH, Ordonez, others, 1959
EH, Mary, Davis, others, 1959
EH's 60th birthday, 7/21/59
Annie Davis
Davis Children, 1959
Views, 1959
Gondarez' finca
EH, Mary, others, 1959
EH, Mary, others, hunting (2 folders)
Malaga, EH, others, picnic, 1959
Antonio Ordonez
Costa del Sol, Ordonez, others
Ordonez's ranch, EH, others, 1959 (2 folders)

Spain: Death in the Afternoon.
Photos of various corridas, collected by Hemingway for use in his book, Death in the Afternoon. Arranged by subject.

Box 15
Corridas (14 folders)

Box 16
Sidney Franklin, various corridas
Madrid, corridas
Pamplona, Feria
San Sebastian, corrida
Seville, corrida
Toledo, corrida

Spain: The Dangerous Summer.
Photos of various corridas (perhaps) sent to Hemingway by photographers. Included are some LIFE photos used in Hemingway's three-part article, entitled "The Dangerous Summer." Arranged alphabetically by city/ town and thereafter by subject.

Box 17
Aranjuez, corridas, 1958, 1959
Badajoz, corridas, 1958, 1959
Bayona, corrida, 1959
Bilbao, corridas, 1952-1958
Burgos, corrida
El Escorial, corrida, 1959
Granada, corrida, 1957
Guadalajara, corridas, 1952, 1958
Jerez de la Frontera, corridas, 1954, 1958
Logrono, corridas, 1954-1959
Madrid, corridas, 1953-1959 (3 folders)
Malaga, corridas, 1952-1959
Palencia, corridas, 1953, 1954
Palma de Majorca, corrida, 1959
Pamplona, corridas, 1954-1959 (3 folders)
Puerto de Santa Maria, corrida, 1953
Salamanca, corridas, 1957-1959
San Sebastian, corridas, 1957-1959
Segovia, corrida, 1953
Seville, 1952-1958 (3 folders)
Seville, 1959 (3 folders)
Talavera de la Reina, corrida, 1956
Toledo, corridas, 1955, 1957
Valencia, corridas, 1952-1959 (9 folders)
Valladolid, corridas, 1953-1959
Vista Alegre, corrida, 1959
Vitoria, corrida, 1958
Zaragoza, corridas, 1957-1958
Corridas, unidentified (3 folders)
Antonio Ordonez, various corridas
Luis Miguel Dominguin, various corridas
Paco Camino, various corridas
Finca de Don Carlos Nunes, 1954

Miscellaneous photos and prints sent to EH or members of his family. Also photos removed from EH's correspondence files. Arranged by subject.

Box 18
Sketches of EH
Photos sent to Bumby
Hall Hemingway-paintings
Prints & posters
Portrait photos-unidentified
Unidentified places
Photos from EH's correspondence

Oversized Photographs
Arrangement corresponds to that of the preceding boxes.

Box 19
Oak Park, football teams
Carol Hemingway

Box 19
EH, portrait photos
EH, Pauline, corrida
Photos sent to EH

Box 19
Key West, Pauline
St. Louis, Patrick
Havana Harbor, EH with sailfish
Bimini, Pilar underway
Photos sent to EH

Box 19
EH and Martha
EH hunting with Robert Capa for LIFE
EH and friends
EH, Mary in Ketchum
Sun Valley vicinity, geese feeding

Box 19
EH, Pauline on safari
LOOK photos-article, 1/26/54

Box 19
Torcello, EH

Box 19
EH, portrait photos
Mary, portrait photos
Finca Vigia
EH and Mary
Havana Harbor, Pilar underway
Cabo Blanco, filming marlin for "The Old Man and the Sea"
Club de Cazadores
Photos sent to EH

Box 19
EH with Hotchner
Bayona, corrida, EH, others
Logrono, corrida, EH
Zaragoza, corrida, EH
EH with Dominguin and Ordonez
Dominguin and Ordonez

Box 19
Sketches of EH
Pamplona, dedication of a bust of EH, 1968
Photos sent to EH

Color Transparencies, 1953-1960.
Photos taken by Mary Hemingway of EH, their activities and their friends, while on safari in East Africa, 1953-1954, travelling through Europe, vacationing in Idaho, and elsewhere. Arrangement corresponds to that of the preceding boxes.

EH, others in camp
EH, others with game
EH, others with natives

EH, others

Egypt, views

Finca Vigia
Interior views
Exterior views
Pilar , EH, others


San Idelfonso, EH, others
Robert Jordan's Bridge
La Consula, EH, others

La Consula, EH, others
Ordornez's ranch


Torcello, EH, others
Auto trips


EH, others